Why Choice Gems?

1. Business Ethics: Choice Gems Co sources gemstones in an ethical manner. It means we will not purchase gems whose sale would lead to the funding of any form of conflict, child labor, or the abuse of any portion of a population. We ensure that we pay a fair and competitive price to our sources. This means food on the table for miners and their families, kids going to school, and healthcare for mining communities. Our business activities create direct and indirect jobs for our source communities in Africa and the United States.

2. Experience: Choice Gems Co has been in the business for over a decade with deep knowledge of gemology and what to look for when identifying, selecting and buying a gemstone.

3. Rarity: If you need a gem that is not common, a gem so special that it has a history and a story behind it, then you are looking at the right place. This is what we pride ourselves with – the ability to source hard-to-find gemstones, whose rarity and history makes it all the more special. Beyond the rarity of the stones, most of our stones are cut by master and award-winning cutters here in the United States.

4. Affordability: Every special gem cost money, sometimes big amounts. We understand this, however, we make sure that our prices stay competitive and fair so that you get the most value for your money.

5. Customer satisfaction: Our business is focused on ensuring COMPLETE customer satisfaction. We have dealt with clients from all continents of the world, and we are culturally competent to understand the needs of our clients. We are well-known in the gem industry, and our trademark is treating our customers right, and making sure they get the best possible experience buying from us.