Wholesale Corner

Choice Gems Co offers wholesale prices to members of the gem and jewelry industry. The prices displayed on the website are for the retail part of our business. If you are in the industry, there are three ways to purchase from us at wholesale pricing. The first step would be to email us the following information.

  1. Your business name and website or webstore. If you do not have the aforementioned, please send us a functional social media handle that has evidence of business activity in the gems and jewelry.
  2. If you are an independent buyer and do not have a webstore or social media store, kindly scan a copy of your wholesale license and email it to info@choicegemsco.com.

How to Order

Jewelry companies and those in the industry can order from Choice Gems Co using the following methods:

  1. Website orders: If you see a gemstone on the website that you intend to purchase, please send us an email with the link of the gemstone, we would send you a discount code to enable you purchase at wholesale pricing (if you do not already have the code). To obtain the code, you must meet the requirements stated above. Your discount code is valid for a year. If you notice your discount code is expired, email us with evidence that you are still in the business to receive a new one.
  2. Customized orders: Many of the jewelers we do business with buy our gems even before they are posted. We therefore welcome customized orders to work with clients directly. Email us at info@choicegemsco.com
  3. Newsletters: Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest offers of gems for sale. You can subscribe by emailing us or subscribing directly on the website.