Our goal is for our clients to have an enjoyable experience while shopping with us, and to be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with their gemstone. We understand that buying gems from the internet can be tricky, so we do our best to ensure that we provide the best possible description of the gemstone in terms of color and clarity. We do this by providing high quality photos and/or videos in different lightening conditions that closely matches the gemstone’s appearance in person. Nevertheless, we understand the difficulty in making judgement calls over the internet, and so we provide all the necessary accommodations to clients to ensure that returns and refunds are carried out in a manner our clients are satisfied with.

  1. Notify us by email if you are not satisfied with the parcel or a gem that you have received. We allow a 7-day review period from the time of receipt of the gemstone(s).
  2. Based on our correspondence we can either replace the stone(s) that do not meet your expectations with other stones or provide you with a 100% refund of the purchase price of the gemstone EXCLUDING shipment fees, wire transfer/ transaction fee and local duties or taxes. 
  3. We initiate refunds within 2 – 3 days of receiving the returned stone(s).
  4. The client is responsible for insurance and any damage that may have occurred to the gem either in transit or prior to shipping the gemstone. If the gem(s) are altered, damaged or missing during the 7-day review period and/or during shipping and handling, refunds will not be initiated. 
  5. Over the years, customers have been generally satisfied with our shipments because we invest our time in understanding our client’s need and working with them to satisfy that need.
  6. We continue to strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction to prevent Choice Gems Co and clients shipping stones back and forth.



We use the following Shipping Options. We provide end-to-end tracking information for



Due to insurance limitations on the traditional shipping methods we recommend shipping through UPS ParcePro for orders exceeding $4,000 for both domestic and international shipments.