Our perspective on gem mining in Africa

One thing we love about the gemstone trade is the chain and ecosystem of economic benefits it brings to communities. These artisanal miners in this picture earn their living from their mining activities. Though they may not have a formal education, they are able to use the proceeds from their activities to send their kids to school, buy school uniforms and put food on the table of their families. They work really hard and enjoy their work. People often misconstrue mining diamonds and gemstones in Africa as largely unethical, whose proceeds are used to fuel conflicts in the region and propagate child labor. While this is true in a few cases, it remains largely untrue in the vast majority of mines in Africa. The net economic benefit of well fed and educated kids far outweighs the misconceived notions people have about mining. We know many personal stories, and we do our best to use part of our profits to support causes like malaria prevention and other common infectious diseases in these regions where we get our gems. This back story is that of hard work supported by stories of love when sapphire engagement rings are given or presents with a precious gem are gifted.

No system is perfect, therefore, businesses like Choice Gems Co always strives to seek ways to give back to mining communities where we source our gemstones, and ensure that we do our transactions on the field in an ethical way.mine mine1